You might be thinking of doing a big project with your drill. But you do not understand which tools are ideal for your application. Forster bits, spade bits are the two best tools on the market. You don’t know which of these two tools to choose, and you’re struggling to figure it out.

Forster bits, spade bits what is the difference between these two tools? And to understand how they differ from each other, you must continue reading this article.

After reading this article, you can easily select the tools you need and help your friends or acquaintances with the difference between Forstner Bit vs spade Bit.

So let’s get started

What Is a Forstner Bit?

Forstner Bit

In 1886 the first Forstner bit was designed by a man named Benjamin Forstner. The Forstner bit has a sharp dot in the center that looks like a brad point. Forstner bits are designed for drilling on soft materials.

The fastener bit looks like a brad point is because the fastener bit has a sharp point in the center. The flat cutting edges of the center have a lot in common with the spade bit. The fastener bit can drill holes with partial materials so you can easily rely on it.

Forstner bits are very popular for their precision and accuracy. Forstner bits are better than standard drill bits for drilling in wood and soft materials. Forstner bits are used with drill presses. You can also use it with the help of a hand drill. Forstner bits are able to make angled holes more efficiently.

The fastener bit for your project is not only superior but also very easy to use in the national cause.

Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit: Forstner Bit Set

IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set

Why is it called Forstner Bit?

The Forstner bit was named after the gunman Benjamin Forstner. The Forstner bit was enough to make the job very easy at the right time. Forstner bits were made of special tools and bits. Forstner patented his bit in 1984. At that time other tools were not made as much.

Benjamin Forstner was determined to make drill bits, to make perfect, clean holes in the wood. And the drill bit he made to create the perfect, clean hole was much better and much more conventional than the auger bit invented by Russell Jennings.

He succeeded in achieving his goal through the Forstner bit which could very easily get a smooth hole in the wood.

Forstner is a bit that is currently popular around the world. It succeeded in creating something that was not only superior but also quite versatile. Forstner bits are best not only for guns but also for other projects and for clean holes.

What is the purpose of the fastener bit?

The Forstner bit has improved a lot in making holes with smooth lines at fast speeds. And it’s improving in different ways every year, making it much easier for users.

The main purpose of the fastener bit is to clean the pieces of wood and make holes in the bottom of the plane. Forstner bit angular holes are also used for drilling. These bits can finish your project smoothly, without any hassle.

You can use Frostner bits by creating counter boards. Initially, you need to interior and then drill the screw hole.

The downside of the Forstner bit is that you can drill where you want to drill, you can’t change your drilling position by mistake. Moreover, the bit helps to prevent wood burning due to the heat generated by the bit to improve.

If you use the endurance version then start slow then feed and increase the rpm after the cutting blades enter the material.

What Is a Spade Bit?

Spade Bit

The spade bit is also known as the paddle bit for the larger size. While the spade bit is used for good and rough work, speed is much more important than cleaning the holes produced.

The spade bit is available in sizes ranging from 1/4-inch to 1-1 / 2-inch. In the middle of the spade bit are two flat blades with sharp points, which quickly make holes.

If you want to use the spade bit, you need to add the spade bit at the end of the drill. Then turn the drill according to the rules, and then make sure you keep the drill steady, and gradually increase as you increase the speed of the drill.

If you are a bit skilled in using the drill, you can use the drill without any hassle. And it allows you to get your work done faster.

Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit: DEWALT Spade Drill Bit

DEWALT SpadeDrill Bit

Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit: What Are the Differences?

Now that you understand the different aspects of the drill bit, let’s see what the differences are. You don’t even have to worry about determining the drill bit for the job you need to drill. You can determine for yourself.

Cleanliness of Cut and Speed

Not being able to drill holes quickly makes you bored and the desire to work decreases. But one of the best of your options is the spade bit. The spade bit is best for drilling any hole with a piece of wood and can work the fastest.

If you need a tool that goes a bit into the wood, you should use a fastener bit. If you use fastener bits then you have to use according to the rules. Using a drill press as a rule, especially with the help of a drill press will cut most of the three options and it will be clean. And you’ll be able to create a perfect plane-bottom hole. Which is not possible with other bits.

Available Size

Forstner Bit

The amount of size also varies between the two tools, so you should act as a general guide when choosing tools. And you have to understand the difference between the tools and choose.

The spade bits range in size from 1/4-inch to 1-1 / 2 inches and the Forstner bits come in sizes from 1/4-inch to 2-1 / 4-inch.

Although the two tools are almost identical, there are many differences, such as the spade bit usually going deeper, the Forstner bit not going deeper.


The tools, like any other product, are offered by different brands, and are of different quality, making it almost impossible to tell which of these two tools is cheaper and which is more expensive.

Among the quality and size tools, the spade bit is the cheapest and then follows the Forstner bit.

Pros and Cons of Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit

Forstner Bit


  • The Forster bit easily gives beautiful results with a clean-cut surface.
  • This allows you to make a hole wherever you want.


  • Using a drill press instead of a hand-held drill on the bits cannot control the speed during drilling.

Spade Bit


  • The spade bit can make a hole in a short time with precision.
  • Bits are often more affordable than other types of drill bits.


  • Sometimes the holes made by the bit shots remain unclean.


If you have read all of the above, you will now understand which of the two, Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit, is best for you. And which one is better for which bit.

If you still don’t understand, let’s summarize what the differences are and which one you should choose.

The spade got their name for the size of the bit. Some people recognize them as paddle bits. The two bits we discussed are the two cheapest and ideal tools for boring rough holes with even thicker pieces of wood.

On the other hand, fastener bits are the best tools for making holes in the bottom. The fastener bit makes the most and cleanest hole from the spade bit. So if you want to make a clean hole you can pick the fastener bit.

There are different types of spade bits and fastener bits that can be used not only with wood but also with metal and masonry.