How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar[Easiest Way]

Many users do not know how to measure a chainsaw bar. Because the size, type, and features of the bars are a bit complicated for the novice user. So in this article, we are going to provide you step by step how to easily measure chainsaw bars in different ways.

What is the chainsaw bar?

Chainsaw bars are also sometimes called chainsaw blades. Chainsaw helps to manage the bar saw.

Where and how to measure a chainsaw bar?

measure a chainsaw bar
measure a chainsaw bar

There is no valid parameter required to measure the actual length of a chainsaw bar. To measure a chainsaw bar, consider its tail-tip distance, cutting length, and the length of the outer bar part of the chainsaw.

In addition to measuring the length of a bar and the cutting power, you need to think about where to use the chain. You can usually use it for pruning or cutting the stems.

The cut length of the chainsaw bar in your small garden and DIY project should be 35 to 45 cm. However, you can use 25-30 cm long cutting bars for any light work

If you notice while measuring the chainsaw bar, your chainsaw is rusting. You do not have to waste your time thinking about chainsaw rust, read a guide on how to clean chainsaw rust.

Measure the chainsaw bar in a few steps

Chainsaw Bar
Chainsaw Bar

The best way to measure chainsaw bars is to remove the chain and blade accurately from your chainsaw.

step1: Remove the chainsaw housing that covers the blade

First, you will find two nuts with screws securing the housing near the chainsaw handle. Remove them. Then remove the chainsaw housing. You can see the chain and saw bar after moving the housing.

Step 2. Remove the chain from the bar

Locate the wheel chain on the chainsaw bar and unscrew the chain with the help of a screwdriver to remove the chain.

Step 3. Repair the chainsaw bar

Remove the chain at the top of the bar to check if your bar needs repair. If you do not have enough time, you can replace the new bar.

Step 4. Now measure the chainsaw bar

Place the chainsaw blade on the work surface to measure the bar with the ruler. The blade can be finished at work, you can easily measure the length of the bar at the local hardware store when the blade is finished. In fact, it is not a difficult task.

measure the chainsaw bar

What is the easiest way to measure the chainsaw bar?

As I said earlier, measuring a chainsaw bar is not a difficult task. All you have to do is hold the bar measuring tape from the bottom of the bar to the top of the blade.

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What the chainsaw bar numbers mean?

chainsaw bar numbers

The number of chainsaw bars means that several types of chainsaw blades can be attached to the chainsaw bar. So the last letter of the bar code and the last 3 numbers refer to the number of chainsaw bars, such as K095.

Almost all types of bars have their own code, and this code identifies the chainsaw bar.

How to measure a steel chainsaw bar?

steel chainsaw bar
steel chainsaw bar

The size of the steel chainsaw bar is measured in inches. The most commonly used bar sizes are 11 ″, 12 ″, 13 ″, 14 ″, 15 ″ to 22. So we recommend using steel chainsaw bars inch size.

11 ″, 12 ″, 13 ″ installed bars are used in small chainsaws. Which is light and small non-thick pieces of wood, used to cut boards. With the advantage of using smaller bars, it easily gains speed faster, which completes your work in less time.

steel chainsaw bars

Bars in the size of 14-16 inches are used for medium work. And for heavy work, such dense trees are used when cutting 18 – 22 inch bars. For such heavy work, 18 – 22 inch bars are most commonly used to make them semi-professional, professional, and strong. So when choosing a chainsaw bar, you need to keep in mind the size of the bar.

Most low-quality saws use narrow and flat chainsaw bars, which do not strike backward. As a result, it is much safer for new users. Safe. There are lightweight bars for lightweight chains, which are used in the roof of the house.

steel chainsaw

There are 2 steel bar plates for lightweight which are internally barred with polyamide. Each manufacturer has its own bars that may not fit your chainsaw

How to easily measure a Husqvarna chainsaw bar

Step 1- The spark plug must be disconnected

When the work is done or you need to take a break, close the chain and unplug the spark plug wire from the outlet. Carefully pull the boot of the plug to remove the spark plug wire from the outlet. As a result, you can prevent potential accidents in chainsaws.

Step- 2

Measure the end of the bar by holding the strip at the opposite end of where the bar starts

Step- 3

Remove housing secured nuts using socket and ratchet to open the entire bar of the chainsaw. Then measure the bar with tape from one end to the opposite end. This is the actual size of the chainsaw bar.

Determine the length of the chainsaw bar

The length of the chainsaw bar will depend on the power of your chainsaw engine. Will. If your engine is more powerful large length bar and less powerful then you need to choose a small bar or guide. Check out our Chainsaw Bar Length Table Guide quickly if you don’t have much time on your hands:

ChainsawPowerBar Length
Corded Chainsaw750 – 2500 Watt13.7 ” – 17.7 “
cordless chainsaw500 – 1500 Watt4″ – 11.8″
Gas Chainsaw Type-11000 – 2500 Watt13.7 ” – 17.7 “
Gas Chainsaw Type-22000 – 7000 Watt15.7″ – 43.3″

Choose the cutting length of the chain bar

Chainsaw chains are made to match the length of the chainsaw bar. Keep in mind, however, that the length of the chainsaw bar is never adjusted to the total length of the blade.

It is important to sharpen your chainsaw chains regularly. So that they can finish the work quickly in less time and do not get tired easily. You can use round sharp files to sharpen your chains.

You need to take care of the diameter of the file to sharpen your chains and choose the file according to the following pitch:

Mm4 mm for 3 / 8LP chains

File for .325 pitch chain .84.8 mm

.55.5 mm for chains in 3/8 steps

.404 for step chain .55.5mm

If you own a lot of chainsaws, you can sharpen with a professional electric sharpener. It will save you a lot of time even if it costs you a little money.

When chainsaw bars need to be replaced?

Follow our guidelines below to keep your chainsaw bar good for a long time:

  • Check the discipline tension at the beginning and after work
  • Use oily oil according to the type of wood to avoid overheating when cutting something.
  • Regularly keep the teeth of the chain sharp and cut straight in time

How to determine the chainsaw bar?

Not all chainsaw blades on the market are the same, so when replacing a chainsaw bar, replace the chainsaw bar according to your needs by following the instructions in Chainsaw for the user.

Can I use any other blade in my chainsaw?

Simple Answer: no

Each manufacturer has several chainsaws of different models, and there is a suitable blade for each chainsaw that the manufacturers fit.

Thank you in this part of our guide, we said at the very beginning that measuring chainsaw bars is not something that is difficult. You can easily learn how to measure a chainsaw bar.

How to measure a chainsaw bar

If you are looking for another bar even though you have a chainsaw bar, then measure the length of the bar according to the needs of the chainsaw before choosing the next bar. When measuring, measure from the front end of the bar to the end and compare with the previous bar.

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