Makita XFD061

I was thought that I have to make a review on Makita XFD06 18v brushless drill kits because this drill kit is a famous and popular one.  Millions of people using Makita  XFD06 so it this my duty to make a review of this. I never trusted on other’s reviews because lots of reviewers have who are paid so I decided to make a 100% authentic review so that anyone can get the real information about Makita  XFD061 drills.  To know all the real information and original workability and power we collect the customer’s opinion and we bought a Makita XFD062 18v brushless drill from Amazon. We tested this tool in all way to get the proper information to make a real review. This drill comes under 100 dollars.  This review will make you a clear idea about this drills.  I reviewed this drils part by part.

The Drill

Makita XFD061 review

Makita XFD061 18V Compact Brushless ½ inch drills kit is really a compact drill tool. This drill weight is just 2.5 lbs and its 3 Ah Batteries weight is just 1.5 lbs so this drill’s total weight is 4lbs, so this is a lightweight drill. This drill’s box is not designed perfectly so when you will carry this drill with its box than you will miss the compactness after. 

After all, this drill is lightweight but not so compact as other brands’ drills. 

I got a  nice comfort when I was using this. This drill’s handle is finely designed so when anyone will use this he will fill a comfort in your work. This drill’s handle is covered with rubber so you will get the highest qualities grip from it.

This drill’s ring finger is set up in the right position so that anyone’s hand approach in over the ring finger easily and this rightly set up the ring finger can provide a better grip and balanced. 

This drill’s speed selector is installed below two over-molded areas for not to change the speed accidentally. This speed selector gives you a solid feel when you will change the speed by pushing the speed selector, this is a nice feature. 

This drill has a built-in LED light that is very helpful for the users because sometimes users need to work in a dark area where don’t have light so there he can use the LED and complete their work easily. 

This drill has a battery indicator that helps the users to see the charge of the battery and help the users to be alert when the battery’s charge going to below.

These drills also have a battery charging indicator which is very important in charging. Because by seeing the charging indicator users can understand when they have to unplug the battery from the charger. With the help of a charging indicator, users can charge the battery of drills perfectly.

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The Kit

best Makita XFD061

Makita XFD061 18v compact drills main kit is battery and charger. This drills’ 3AH battery is the main source of power. These drills are run by the stored energy of the battery.  This drill’s battery is a standard 10-cell battery. This battery has an additional power indicator that shows the users how the percentage charge has in the battery so this is a nice feature i think.

This drill’s battery charger can recharge the battery within 1 hour but anyone can use the more powerful charger to recharge the battery quickly. 

Makita gave a low-quality of the bag with Makita XFD061 drills. This bag is just for one-time use because after one use the bag can be destroyed. The zipper of the bag is made of plastic which is very funny and this bag just for the drils, battery, and charger after fill the bag with drill, battery, and charger you can’t fill anything for its narrow size.


This drills has 16 gears or settings to change the power and speed but 1st gear is best for working.  1st gear can produce more power and efficiency than any other gear. 1st gear is best for stability and balance. I got nice performance and balance when I was working in 1st gear but when I was increasing the gear than I was losing power and balance. These drills can make better performance in low gear.  To get a nice performance and balance you should drive these drills in low gear.

This 18v ½ inch compact drill can produce 530in-lbs max torque. This drill machine has a 2-speed transmission that controller of speed 1st transmission for speed 0-400RPM and 2nd for 0-1550RPM. These drills are electronically optimized so it is low battery charge consumer. This drill has a cooling system that helps the drill to stay cool and run for a long time. 

After all, I can say that this drill is just for entry-level of work. This drill doesn’t make enough torque to complete any hard or advanced type of work. This drills can work on wood comfortably but when you will go to drill in metal with this drill machine than you will feel that this drills don’t have enough power to work on metal.  But anyone buy this one fort his regular house task and light-duty of work.  But buying this machine by target heavy duty of work is wrong this machine never gives you nice performance in the heavy task.  If you are a power tools collector you can buy this to make complete your collection.


Drilling is a heavy task. If you want to drill with a drill machine then you have to buy a powerful drill machine. If you thought that Makita  XFD06 18v drills are good for your professional work then you have to change your choice. Makita  XFD06 18v drills can’t make higher RPM and torque to drill any heavy materials. This machine can’t make enough RPM and Torque to drill hard material. This machine just only works well in wood and soft materials.  But buying this for hard work is not better you have to buy another powerful drill machine to get better performance.